What Is a Rowhouse?

Nowadays people have a large number of options to live, from apartments, villas, bungalows to pen houses. Investors have a lot of choices. A row house is one such type of property that has begun attracting investors like a moth to a flame Row Houses are a single family home, which are arranged in a row, has a cross between a row and the apartment thus gives you a sense of independence. Row houses have a minimum of three properties side by side but do not share the same stairway or exist. 

A quick definition of a rowhouse

Row houses are known for their luxurious, spacious, affordability and comfortable living. The first and last houses in the arrangement are larger and more spacious than one in between. Row houses are now a talk in Raipur city. However, many of us wonder about the uniqueness of row houses, so let’s just explore the top features of row houses and why one should invest in Row houses.

  1. Lower maintenance – Row houses require little or no maintenance. The maintenance of the row houses is done by the in-house team so that you can enjoy the luxury of the house while the maintenance team ensures whether all the facilities are given to the people or not.
  1. Great investment – Row houses offer the win-win situation of great amenities and luxury living, thus catering to families from all walks of life. Whether you are a nuclear family with kids or a matured couple who are looking for a peaceful environment, a row house satisfies every requirement of a person. It is perfect for buyers who are looking for living in a separate unit along with the benefits of community living.
  1. Worth the value for money – Row houses offer you both the benefits of living in an independent house along with the convenience of an apartment. Whether it’s a jogging track, or a spacious garden for events and get-togethers, row houses give you the world class amenities, also you can resale or renovate your row house as you are the sole owner of the land.
  1. Great infrastructure – Row houses give you a retro look and transform you to the 80s with a great infrastructure. Each row house exhibits the same exterior look, though no houses share the same stairway, exit or interior of the house.
  1. Low construction cost – Due to their particular layout and planning, row houses provide low construction cost compared to individual houses. They additionally hire powerful use of land seeing that every unit shares a common compound wall. These capabilities make row houses a handy choice for each customer and builders. Buyers because of the luxurious appeal provided at affordable costs and builders because of the benefit of planning, layout and creation. 

With such interesting features, who can say no to row houses. Row houses have become a great talk in the Raipur city and are a great fit for investors. So, if you are looking for a great row house you can call HOME, visit us or call us and get free consultation on the properties in Raipur.

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