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Property In Chhattisgarh Manufacture and supply highly versatile variety of design, color, textures, shapes, sizes and finishes of paver blocks.

Pavers have become so popular for use around the house and gardens due to the large availability of various shapes and its easily interlock with each other.

It is a great material for residential and commercial applications for long-lasting.

Paver Blocks in Raipur

Paver is one of the most popular and flexible pavements surfacing options.

It has been generally made from numerous materials such as concrete, clay, recycled plastic, etc.

Advantages of Paver Blocks

  1. Paver blocks do not need special maintenance as compared to concrete or asphalt surfaces.
  2. Paver blocks are slip-resistant and skid resistant.
  3. Paver blocks can be used in any any climates (winter, summer and monsoon).
  4. Paver blocks are very durable, and if they are adequately interlocked.
  5. Paver block does not need polish on top surface of the paver and it will not need to repaint in the future.
  6. Pavers can withstand any type of vehicle load and pedestrian traffic with low maintenance.
  7. Paver blocks are more environment-friendly as compared to the solid plain surface.
  8. The frost, oils and most chemicals are not affecting the paver block
  9. It is easy to install without using any heavy machinery or equipment,
  10. It is easy to repair and replace as compared to asphalt, and or concrete pavement and no heavy machinery is used for repairing or replacing of the block.
  11. It has less maintenance cost as compared to other paving materials.
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